“For those hip-hop fans longing for a change in direction in the genre, 857’s music is a must for your collection!!  It’s just a matter of time for these gentlemen.”

“857 is a great group with lots of energy and character! Their music is catchy, fun, and leaves you wanting more. If you haven’t checked out a live show yet, I’d strongly recommend it!”
“857 is the hip hop group to look out for. Their music combines fantastic sound, evocative lyrics, and the right energy to capture both!”

“This is “innovation” delivered with entertainment!!! 857’s music explodes with unique songs/ideas/sounds/stories. You just can’t stop listening! VERY MUCH RECOMMENDED!!”

“857 is a very talented group that you can always count on to deliver a new and different style of hip-hop. They have an overall positive message and always keep everyone dancing to the beat of their music!