Why Doesn’t Hip-hop Respect Its Elders (ahem… Pioneers)?

The 857 Music Podcast – Episode 18: Hip-hop’s Apparent Lack Of Respect For Its Elders. In this podcast, we discuss why hip-hop today feels like the only music genre that perpetually demonstrates such lack of respect for its pioneers, especially when they are the ones responsible for elevating and transcending this culture into a worldwide movement. The 857 Music Podcast features in-depth discussions between 857 members (and occasional guests) regarding popular and sometimes controversial music news stories! Selected questions from fans are also read and answered during the show. *Got a topic or question you wanna see featured in a … Continue reading Why Doesn’t Hip-hop Respect Its Elders (ahem… Pioneers)?

857 – Life Is Like… (Official Lyric Video)

Life Is Like… (feat. Ashley Mastrorocco) is track No.5 off our America’s Idol EP. This reflective, piano infused, thought provoking track discusses the way people often choose to live their lives by comparing their lifestyle routines to the formulaic structures of movie scripts, spotlit stages, and reality TV. Our “Official Audio/Lyric Series” features our original released tracks played together with their song lyrics. Our last video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HW-r5ngeAr8 *Wanna help us pick an 857 track for the next lyric vid? Leave a comment below or email us at comments@857music.com Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/857hiphop Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/857music *Sign up … Continue reading 857 – Life Is Like… (Official Lyric Video)

857 Access – Ep.2: Q & A Interview with Y.K.C.

857 Access, Episode 2: Q & A with Y.K.C. In this episode, 857 member YKC discusses his musical influences, views about hip-hop and his bandmates, etc. Our “857 Access” vlog series features everything and anything 857, from Q&A interviews, behind-the-scenes previews, updates, announcements and… anything else we can think of. *Anything you wanna know about 857? Leave us comment below or send questions to: comments@857music.com Continue reading 857 Access – Ep.2: Q & A Interview with Y.K.C.