About Us

Hip-hop:  a music genre once considered to be an influential, ground breaking art form long before it became a corrupt marketing machine focused on turning a quick profit form ringtone sales by fueling commercial airwaves with an endless supply of disposable music.

As a result, we now bear witness to hip-hop’s current “Age of Ignorance” where the industry’s become over saturated with self-indulged dance instructors, fake ganstas and auto-tune abusers whose offerings continue to prevent hip-hop from reaching its next stage of evolution.

Luckily, despite the fact that commercial radio has become less relevant in showcasing new talent, there are still artists who make “real music” regardless of how far the industry continues to lower the bar.  And some of these “real artists” make up the innovative hip-hop act know as 857…

857 is a racially diverse, multidimensional, innovative hip-hop act from Long Island, NY that creates music simply to demonstrate hip-hop’s true potential.  After observing hip-hop’s decline for several years, lyricists Tur-Bo, YKC, The 23rd Stallion, and  DJ/producer, AL-G began making music out of a shared realization that “real hip-hop” is no longer supported by the industry.  Originality, strong lyrics, interesting song concepts, and creativity are now scarce in hip-hop’s current “Age of Ignorance”.

Unlike many one-dimensional acts that rely on the familiar, regurgitated, cookie-cutter themes of materialism, misogyny, and violence, 857 is diverse and possesses the rare ability to connect with listeners on many different levels.  Party joints, life experiences, personal reflections and role playing are just a few of the many concepts presented in 857’s music.

Bottom line is..if you consider yourself a true hip-hop fan that’s been listening for years waiting for that breath of fresh air in hip-hop’s current “Age of Ignorance”, then there is no need to look any further than 857… “The Cure for the Cliché”!


857’s single “Mouth Music” was featured in an episode of NBC’s ward winning drama, Friday Night Lights.

The group’s also has been featured in magazines, on internet TB (Evolving Artist, http://evolvingartist.com) and live TV, non-commercial and internet radio in the US and abroad.

They’ve also performed in colleges, festivals and popular music venues in NY including, Downtime, The Downtown, Southpaw, Iguana, Pianos, and others.

Member Bios

Tur-Bo is one of the group’s three lyricists who’s flow is a mixture of complex wordplay, a wide range vocabulary, and sometimes fast rhyming when the opportunity presents itself.  He fears true hip-hop has faded from the airwaves so he tries his best to always pack his verses with lyrics that mean something.  Turb’s early influences were Outkast, A Tribe Called Quest, Left Eye, Wu-Tang, Onyx, Slick Rick, and other abstract types of artists who actually write something.

YKC is one the group’s three lyricists. His eclectic taste in music is demonstrated thoughout his catchy-melodic versatile flow and choruses.  YKC believes that disposable mass marketed music has ruined the integrity of the word “hip-hop”. Starting out as a mixtape DJ, it wasn’t until the debut of Ma$e that YKC decided to take writing rhymes and recording seriously. Sharing similar views, he later joined 857 and with them plans to leave more than a lasting impression.  Also, check out YKC’s other projects at djnovate.com

The 23rd Stallion is one of the group’s three lyricists. Stal feels that real artists are a dying breed and views “substance” as the most important ingredient that hip-hop currently lacks. He is the free spirit in the group, who’s not afraid to speak his mind no matter what others may think.  And this quality is easily reflected in his blunt but witty flow.  Stal has similar inspirations to the rest of the group and grew up admiring artists like The RZA, Wu-Tang, Slick Rick, Outkast, Method Man, Will Smith, and A Tribe Called Quest among others.

AL-G is 857’s one and only DJ/producer. Listening to his instrumentals it’s easy to see that experimentation, high quality and variety are his top priorities. His guitar and piano playing talents gives him enough resources to make an endless supply of unpredictable instrumentals. Growing up listening to various styles of old-school hip-hop is what first inspired AL to make beats. He favored the production on tracks mostly from De La Soul and A Tribe Called Quest. To get a sample of AL-G’s talent, listen to the any beat from an 857 song or his personal remixes!